5 Broken Cameras

Emat Burnat, Guy Davidi
| Palestine, Israel, France, Netherlands
| 2011
| 90 min

When good-natured Palestinian farmer Emad buys a handicam to film the birth of his fourth son, he also decides to film the Israeli bulldozers rolling into his West Bank Village, Bil’in. What follows is a six-year heartfelt explosive personal and political epic shot right from the hip, documenting the growth of Emad’s sons and the genesis of an international resistance movement. Emad’s wife begs him to cease his constant filming, yet it has become an inextricable part of who he is – and Emad’s five broken cameras are not the only casualties.

Emat Burnat, Guy Davidi
Emad Burnat, Christine Camdessus, Guy Davidi, Serge Gordey
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year