Are You Listening!

Kamar Ahmad Simon
| Bangladesh
| 2012
| 90 min

Bangladesh is on track to disappear entirely in a hundred years thanks to the impacts of climate change. These global shifts are experienced in microcosm in director Kamar Ahmad Simon’s film, as he observes the families of Sutarkhali. The coastal village was left underwater by a tidal surge after a cyclone, and Rakhi, her husband Soumen and their six-year-old son are forced to live on a dyke with 100 other families. The government is slow to help the families reclaim their land, and continuing delays cause mounting friction. Are You Listening! is a powerful and beautifully photographed film that reveals the alarming effects of climate change and deftly captures the fighting spirit of a community and their will to survive.

Kamar Ahmad Simon
Sara Afreen
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year