Bà Nôi (Grandma)

Khoa Lê
| Canada
| 2013
| 85 min

Bà Nôi (Grandma) is director Khoa Lê’s ethereal exploration of his past and unknown future. Lê’s 93 year-old bà nôi is still very much the matriarch. Funny, forgetful and forthright, she is continually telling Lê to, “Marry before I die.” Vietnamese-born and Canadian-raised Lê returns to Vietnam, on a quest for identity. This audio-visual treasure, almost dreamlike at times, immerses us into the world of Vietnam’s New Year celebrations. Visualising the rituals, superstitions and prophecies, this family portrait poetically conjures questions about belonging, cultural identity and the family ties that help to shape us all into who we are and what we become.

Khoa Lê
Karine Dubois
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year