Zhao Liang
| China
| 2015
| 90 min

In the Old Testament, the mountains are the domain of a monster named Behemoth; in modern times the vast mining industry has taken the monster’s place. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, director Liang Zhao, one of China’s finest documentarians, takes us on a visually stunning search for a paradise which has taken a wrong turn and landed them in hell. Zhang visits the ravaged prairies of Mongolia, observing the industrial process at work and the suffering of the workers from resultant illnesses. Arriving at Paradiso, he reveals what all this has been for: creating ghost cities full of desolate, modern high-rises, the outcome of a burst real-estate bubble. Could the mythical monster have ever dreamed of this?

Zhao Liang
Sylvie Blum
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best International Documentary
Festival Year