Bobbi Jene

Elvira Lind
| USA, Denmark, Israel
| 2017
| 94 min

After 10 years of stardom with famed Israeli dance company Batsheva, American dancer Bobbi Jene Smith makes the decision of a lifetime to return to the US. But tearing herself away from deeply personal relationships proves harder than she expected, as she is forced to leave behind both her mentor and the love of her life. Director Elvira Lind takes a raw, intimate approach to the dancer’s story, as she settles back in San Francisco, works on solo choreography and carries on a long-distance relationship. Winner of best documentary at Tribeca, Bobbi Jene is a fascinating look into the world of modern dance, exposing the emotional quagmire where art, romance and determination intersect.

Elvira Lind
Julie Leerskov, Sara Stockmann
Sydney Premiere
Festival Year