Bruce Lee and the Outlaw

Joost Vandebrug
| Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK
| 2018
| 85 min

Filmed over six years by photographer Joost Vandebrug, Bruce Lee and the Outlaw is a modern-day Oliver Twist story set under the streets of Bucharest. Young homeless boy Nicu is adopted by ‘Bruce Lee’, the notorious “King of the Underworld”, leader of a crew that lives in the tunnels underneath the city. We see Nicu growing from boy to man: rising, falling, and then rising again as he struggles with both drugs and his relationship with Bruce Lee. Vandebrug’s approach to documentary-making empowers his subjects to own their stories and finds beauty and love in the darkest of places. The special relationship that develops between Vandebrug and Nicu makes this film an incredibly personal work, filled with tragedy and hope.

Joost Vandebrug
Andrea Cornwell, Joachim van Trommel
Australian Premiere
Festival Year