Hi, AI

Isa Willinger
| Germany
| 2019
| 85 min

Humanoid robots are like new creatures on our planet. They work at reception desks, in shopping malls, or as chefs, and now they are entering our private lives. In an aesthetically accomplished hybrid of science fiction and documentary, Hi, AI welcomes our new citizens. In Tokyo, an ageing woman is introduced to her cute new robot Pepper, a companion gift from her son, while out in the Californian desert, a lonely man finds happiness and conversation with Harmony, a blonde sex-doll-looking android who could well be a book nerd and can quote Ray Kurzweil. This often-funny futuristic drama is a fascinating meditation on our connection with technology and a glimpse into what our collective future might look like.

Isa Willinger
Stefan Kloos
Australian Premiere
Festival Year