Homeland Story

Glenda Hambly
| Australia
| 2019
| 86 min

Homeland Story is an intimate portrait of Donydji, a small and remote Indigenous community in East Arnhem Land. Narrated by Damien Guyla, whose family has always lived on its ancestral country, and featuring extensive archival footage compiled by anthropologist Dr Neville White over nearly 50 years, the film provides a unique and lively historical account, tracking the community’s shift from a traditional nomadic life to the digital age in only three generations. The film documents the community’s struggle to overcome corrosive government policies and mining interests to remain on their land. Dr White’s deep friendships with Damien’s grandfather and his two uncles is an inspiring cross-cultural co-operation – a complex story of a balancing act between embracing the modern world and retaining the knowledge built up over millennia.

Glenda Hambly
Glenda Hambly, Damien Guyula, David Rapsey, Ken Sallows
World Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year