How to Make a Book with Steidl

Jörg Adolph, Gereon Wetzel
| Germany
| 2010
| 90 min

How To Make a Book with Steidl is an award winning documentary by Adolph and Wetzel who follow Gerhard Steidl over a year at his publishing house in Germany. Working with artists and celebrities such as Karl Lagerfield, Robert Frank, Gunter Grass and Joel Sternfeld, Steidl presents as a meticulous, curt technician who puts his soul into the fragile processes of capturing creativity in a book. The film portrays scenes between Steidl and the artists in action, revealing the playful yet exacting process of their creative collaboration. Such collaboration and passion affords Steidl an ability to transform publishing into an art form – making him one of the most important publishers in photography of the 21st century.

Jörg Adolph, Gereon Wetzel
Ingo Fliess
Australian Premiere
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