In the Arms of Morpheus

Marc Schmidt
| Netherlands
| 2019
| 82 min

Only in sleep can you escape the logic of daily life. But what if your sleep is so intense that it disrupts your daytime life? In the Arms of Morpheus is a quest into the beauty and cruelty of sleep. Constantly-tired Roselien falls asleep everywhere, yet the effective medicinal remedy comes with costs. Emily is plagued by apocalyptic nightmares and aggressive sleepwalking that might be solved by ritual. Their stories intertwine with a night-wandering poet, a mother with lifelike sleep paralysis, and a musician with loud explosions in his head. In an era in which efficiency and control are paramount, director Marc Schmidt (Matthew’s Laws, Antenna 2013; The Chimpanzee Complex, Antenna 2015) offers a stimulating cinematic ode to the absurd and elusive sides of our existence.

Marc Schmidt
Janneke Doolaard
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year