Infinite Football

Corneliu Porumboiu
| Romania
| 2018
| 70 min

Despite the recent World Cup fever and its billions of fans, the ‘beautiful game’ isn’t quite perfect, according to Infinite Football‘s subject Laurentiu Ginghin. In fact, football’s basic rules must be modified, streamlined, and freed from restraints; corners are to be rounded off, players assigned to zones and subteams, and the norms revised. Ginghin’s life may have changed when an injury ended his soccer career, but his dead-end government job now gives him time to secretly save the world by revolutionising football’s rules. Director Porumboiu’s sequences masterfully balance comedy and tragedy, revealing the extent to which Ginghin’s imagined “Football 2.0” constructs a political and spiritual utopia.

Corneliu Porumboiu
Marcela Ursu
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year