Into Eternity

Michael Madsen
| Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy
| 2010
| 75 min

Can we bury a devil of our own creation? With speculation, not “fool proof” science or solutions to guide them, Finland is one of many nations considering their options regarding the very real, very long-term issue of nuclear waste storage. Designed to contain depleted plutonium for 100,000 years, the Onkalo nuclear waste repository, buried deep within the earth, must not be disturbed by future generations. How will we communicate the presence and dangers of Onkalo to generations thousands of years into the future? Will they comprehend our warnings? A moody, slick, big screen film, stylised to almost haunting sci-fi effect, Danish director Michael Madsen’s documentary is more paradigm shift than polemic.

Michael Madsen
Lise Lense-Møller
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best International Documentary
Festival Year