Life in Vitro

Lauren Teiko-Bayliss
| Australia
| 2011
| 53 min

Life in in Vitro is a personal and intimate film directed and told by Lauren Teiko-Bayliss about her determination to help a couple in their last chance to have their own child through in vitro fertilisation. In Lauren’s words on becoming an egg donor: “I am young, fertile and physically able to help out – so why wouldn’t I?” As the film unfolds we learn that being a donor also demands other attributes to help manage and cope with the physical, emotional, and social challenges facing all involved. Biological uncertainties intertwine with social uncertainties as relationships are tested and potentially rested. An alluring film that unwraps the twists and turns; the joys and pitfalls attached to the process of helping others with the gift of life.

Lauren Teiko-Bayliss
Rami Fischler
Australian Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year