Matchmaking Mayor

Erika Hníková
| Czech Republic, Slovakia
| 2010
| 72 min

The kooky mayor of Zemplínske Hámre, Slovakia, is bewildered at the number of single young people in his village. He’s mystified that they would rather get to the bottom of a vodka bottle than talk to a member of the opposite sex, and in his view, this is why the human race is quietly going to hell in a hand-basket. All of his earnest attempts to encourage procreation, including regularly using the village’s public address system to point out the young people’s civic duty to partner up, have failed. So he hatches a plan to neatly pair up each of the available singles. Needless to say, things don’t quite go to plan.

Erika Hníková
Jiri Konecny
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year