Midnight Family – A Case Study: Kellen Quinn, Producer

If industry buzz is to be believed, we are living in the golden age of documentary. Ask independent documentary filmmakers about their capacity to make a living from the art form however, and you’ll get a completely different picture. In an increasingly competitive landscape, creative-producers are the unsung heroes of indie filmmaking. From overseeing the development of stories at all stages of production to securing finance and distribution deals, as well as being a friend and confidant through what is almost always a challenging process, the creative-producer is the director’s primary collaborator. In this session, producer Kellen Quinn will share his personal insights into the business and craft of making a documentary, using his latest film Midnight Family as a case study. Midnight Family premiered at Sundance earlier this year and has since screened at over 100 festivals, won over 15 awards, and will be released theatrically and on television in numerous countries around the world.

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