Mongolian Bling

Benj Binks
| Australia, Mongolia
| 2012
| 89 min

Old meets new and east meets west in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia and the heart of the country’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. The ancient and unique local culture melds in fascinating tapestry with the tendrils creeping in from the outside world, and what emerges are the bouncing beats of this contemporary and youthful music style, with a very Mongolian flavour. An eclectic cast of characters populates this story of a vibrant and growing subculture; Gennie for instance is breaking stereotypes of her own as a female rapper and mother. The creative exploration and power-plays on show reflect the country’s own search for a modern identity.

Benj Binks
Nubar Ghazarian
Sydney Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year