Monsieur Mayonnaise

Trevor Graham
| Australia
| 2016
| 85 min

What a concoction! Take one comic-book artist, send him on a journey following his father’s footsteps from French resistance to restaurant ownership in Melbourne, add a sprinkling of Nazis, and coat liberally in mayonnaise. Artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora is producing a graphic novel about his late father, Georges, and his fascinating life. Philippe paints the astonishing stories at each stage, including Georges’ meeting of his wife, now-acclaimed artist Mirka Mora, and his remarkable feat of saving thousands of Jewish lives, using simply baguettes and the aforementioned mayonnaise. Monsieur Mayonnaise is a lively, light, and eclectic personal journey through some historic world events.

Trevor Graham
Trevor Graham, Ned Lander, Lisa Wang, Carl Ludwig Rettinger
Sydney Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year