No Land’s Song

Ayat Najafi
| Germany, France
| 2014
| 93 min

A female singer performing solo in public – sound subversive? In Iran, this has been banned since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. But one composer, Sara Najafi, decides to test this ridiculous prohibition and shine a spotlight on women’s voices with a concert showcasing Iranian and French-Tunisian female soloists. Her dogged determination in the face of ongoing farcical responses from the Ministry of Culture forms the spine of this powerful film, as Najafi works with musicians in Tehran and Paris to prepare for a concert that may not go ahead. No Land’s Song is a revealing and exceptional film that charts a vital battle between the political power of music and the oppressive power of the state.

Ayat Najafi
Gunter Hanfgarn, Rouven Rech, Teresa Renn, Anne Grange
Australian Premiere
Festival Year