No Time for Quiet

Samantha Dinning, Hylton Shaw
| Australia
| 2019
| 90 min

One long, hot summer, 40 girls and non-binary youth aged 11 to 17 converge in Melbourne for the inaugural Girls Rock! Camp. Greeting them are indie rocker Courtney Barnett, Indigenous rapper Lady Lash and other punked-up mentors, teachers, and youth workers, all keen to empower participants through rock ‘n’ roll. Over the course of the week – and the months after the camp – we follow Lucy, Zeiro, Phoebe, and Dakota as they bond, find a sense of belonging and identity, and discover their voices through music. As the camp progresses, the importance of this community becomes increasingly apparent. For female and gender diverse youth trying to find their voice, there clearly is no time for quiet.

Samantha Dinning, Hylton Shaw
Hylton Shaw, Samantha Dinning, Philippa Campey
Sydney Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year