Jake Witzenfeld
| Israel, UK
| 2015
| 86 min

“I’m in love with the enemy.” The personal has never been more political than in Oriented, a snapshot of life in conflict on all scales. Being Palestinian in Israel offers certain challenges; navigating the dating game is particularly fraught. Add being gay into the mix and questions of identity hover continually over every action and decision. Fadi, Khader, and Naeem are three gay Palestinian friends navigating this world; interactions with family, friends, lovers, and each other all take on a broader significance as they struggle to find meaning and certainty in their lives. Filmed in the lead-up to the 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict, director Jake Witzenfeld captures three personal journeys of unavoidably political significance.

Jake Witzenfeld
Ruth Cats, Jake Witzenfeld, Yoav Birenfeld
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year