Planet of Snail

Seung-Jun Yi
| South Korea
| 2011
| 87 min

Young-Chan is deaf-blind and uses finger-tapping to communicate. Soon-Ho has a debilitating spinal problem that has impaired her growth. This intensely moving study of how a South Korean couple live and love with disability fully immerses us in their lives, as everyday moments are transformed into delicate explorations filled with wonder. From changing a light bulb (itself an extraordinary act of teamwork and ingenuity), to depicting the sensation of rain, even writing plays about their world, Young-Chan and Soon-Ho astonish us and challenge our preconceptions. This heart- warming film lays bare the couple’s intensified inner world, and is a story of the power of the human spirit.

Seung-Jun Yi
Gary Kam, Min-Chul Kim
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best International Documentary
Festival Year