Putin’s Witnesses

Vitaly Mansky
| Latvia, Switzerland, Czech Republic
| 2018
| 102 min

With an extraordinary level of access, celebrated director Vitaly Mansky chronicles the Russian president’s controversial rise to power. It’s New Year’s Eve in 1999, and Russia is about to undergo a historic transformation. President Boris Yeltsin, aging and weak, steps down and appoints a little-known figure, Vladimir Putin, to replace him. Mansky was there to capture the transition and now, for the first time ever, he dips into his archives for a rare glimpse at the young Putin and the vast political machine that brought him to power. Winner of Best Documentary at the prestigious Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Putin’s Witnesses is a riveting testimony to what has become a defining moment of the 21st century.

Vitaly Mansky
Natalia Manskaya, Gabriela Bussmann, Filip Remunda, Vit Klusak
Australian Premiere
Festival Year