Sans Soleil (Sunless)

Chris Marker
| France
| 1983
| 100 min

Antenna, in collaboration with the National Film & Sound Archive and The Alliance Française de Sydney, proudly present the special screening of San Soleil as a celebratory birthday tribute to pioneering filmmaker Chris Marker. Marker’s masterpiece Sans Soleil stretches, and at times dissolves, the limits of what could be called a documentary. Part essay and part montage, the film patches together documentary and fiction with philosophical and political commentary, creating a unique cinematic atmosphere. Sans Soleil has been referred to as “the most intellectually exciting film ever made; it opens up discursive spaces in your head in such a way that you feel you’re being electrocuted.” However, Marker still finds room for a melancholy, yet strangely optimistic, exhilarating emotional texture.

Chris Marker
Anatole Dauman
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