Shock Room

Kathryn Millard
| Australia
| 2015
| 70 min

Obedience in the face of authority – it’s the popularly accepted wisdom that explains everything from the Holocaust to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Harvard psychologist Stanley Milgram’s experiments in the 1960s are the standard bearer for this view: under the pretext of conducting research into memory and learning, Milgram asked participants to administer apparently lethal electric shocks to others. But what if the full story hasn’t been told? Filmmaker Kathryn Millard revisits Milgram’s lesser-known results with these fascinating and innovative creative dramatisations, using actors, animation, and interviews with psychologists to explore the reality and the drama behind our supposed obedience. “I was only following orders.” Really? Ask yourself: what would you do?

Kathryn Millard
Kathryn Millard
Australian Premiere
Australian Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best Australian Documentary
Festival Year