Sofia’s Last Ambulance

Ilian Metev
| Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia
| 2012
| 75 min

Doctors Krassi and Mila and their driver Plamen run one of the few remaining ambulances servicing the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. From consoling patients with broken bones while bumping over pot-holed roads to struggling with faulty equipment and bad directions, the threesome brings help, reassurance, and healing to the people of Sofia. Despite the extreme stress exacerbated by limited resources and external family pressures, the friendship and unwavering dedication they share shine through in moments of humour and warmth. This moving observational immersion into the team’s daily reality provokes the question – how much longer will they be able to continue their vital, yet seemingly undervalued, service to the sick and injured of Sofia?

Ilian Metev
Ingmar Trost, Siniša Juričić, Ilian Metev, Dimitar Gotchev
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year