Spartacus & Cassandra

Ioanis Nuguet
| France
| 2014
| 80 min

“When I was one year old I was already walking. At two, I was eating dirt. At three, my father was in prison. At four, I begged with my sister. At seven, I came to France.” Meet Spartacus, who, at 13, has already accumulated the experiences of several lifetimes. He and his sister Cassandra are two Roma children who find themselves in the care of Camille, a young trapeze artist and founder of a circus on the outskirts of Paris. From a life on the streets with their parents, prospects with Camille offer some stability. But when the circus is pulled down, the children are forced to choose between the family they love and the possibility of a brighter future. Although they at times despair, director Ioanis Nuguet offers a beautifully cinematic story with moments of magical delight, humour and hope.

Ioanis Nuguet
Samuel Luret, Gérard Lacroix, Gérard Pont
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best International Documentary
Festival Year