That Which Does Not Kill

Alexe Poukine
| Belgium
| 2019
| 85 min

Ada is 19. She agrees to have dinner at the home of a man she knows. It all happens very quickly. She does not defend herself. In spite, or because, of that she returns twice and experiences it all over again. Disturbed by this account and its implications, director Alexe Poukine confronts the discrepancy between her preconceptions about rape and the fact that many of her close friends have endured a similar experience. 12 women and two men from various backgrounds retell Ada’s story and reflect on how it relates to their own. The result is an inventive, clever, and brave film that provides a uniquely deep insight into the many layers of this delicate and under-explored topic.

Alexe Poukine
Cyril Bibas, C├ęcile Lestrade, Elise Hug
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year