The Bengali Detective

Philip Cox
| UK, USA, India
| 2011
| 100 min

Rajesh Ji has a lot on his mind. A private investigator in Kolkata, India, Rajesh is grasping for leads in a murder case, his wife is seriously ill, and he and his investigation team have an audition coming up for a popular dance television show. Dance rehearsals are interspersed with raids on shopkeepers selling fake goods and surveillance of a philandering husband, all set against the frenetic backdrop of the rapidly globalising city of Kolkata. The Bengali Detective balances pathos, humour, sadness and the absurd in pitch-perfect combination to create an entertaining and insightful glimpse of the myriad contradictions bound up in the incredible and transforming country that is India.

Philip Cox
Philip Cox, Himesh Kar, Giovanna Stopponi, Anne Sundberg
Sydney Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year