The Family

Rosie Jones
| Australia
| 2016
| 98 min

The Family sheds light on one of Australia’s most notorious cults, in a powerful and moving film by Melbourne director Rosie Jones (The Triangle Wars, Antenna 2011). ‘The Family’ was a sinister apocalyptic cult active in Melbourne in the ’60s and ’70s led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne; beautiful, charismatic, and convinced she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. At least 28 children were ‘acquired’ and raised in total isolation, and subjected to years of abuse – including beatings, starvation, and injections with LSD. The Family pulls back the cover on the murky story of a still-operating sect, revealing the scars the victims still carry to this day, and asking difficult questions about how it was allowed to flourish in the first place.

Rosie Jones
Anna Grieve
Sydney Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year