The Ground We Won

Christopher Pryor
| New Zealand
| 2015
| 91 min

Maleness, mateship, and the rural experience are all on raw display in The Ground We Won, a portrait of a small Kiwi town’s rugby team and their attempts to claw back a win amidst the quotidian grind of farming and family life. Stunning landscapes that are cinematically presented in black and white and the lyrical, evocative score both serve to enrich the portrayal of an eclectic group of men who are closely bonded. The incredible access granted to the men’s sacred spaces and rituals offers unprecedented insight into male sporting culture and the hierarchies, humour, and debauchery that abounds. This visually arresting and surprising film is about passions, obligations, and belonging, both on the pitch and off.

Christopher Pryor
Miriam Smith
Sydney Premiere
Festival Year