The Islands and the Whales

The Islands and the Whales
| UK, Denmark
| 2016
| 82 min

The Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic cut an imposing landscape, as sheer cliffs soar majestically from the sea. The isolated community has hunted seabirds and whales for generations, but for how much longer? The global environmental crisis has reached even here – bird populations are plummeting and the whales are highly contaminated. A local doctor has a warning for his community and the world, yet his message risks being derailed – the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society parachutes in with Pamela Anderson in tow, bringing a well-intentioned yet culturally imperialist critique of the locals’ way of life. With incredible cinematography, this film presents a complicated debate on traditions, stewardship and environmental catastrophe.

The Islands and the Whales
Mike Day
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year