The Sandwich Nazi

Lewis Bennett
| Canada
| 2015
| 72 min

‘The Sandwich Nazi’ is at best a very inaccurate nickname for Saham Kahil, from whom it isn’t especially difficult to get a sandwich. But as a title for the occasionally surreal, often outrageous life and spirit of the Lebanese-Canadian deli owner, well, it’ll do. Beginning like a particularly depraved Louis CK standup set, we see Kahil providing his customers with sandwiches and an endless stream of extremely candid riffs about his sexual history and everyone’s genitalia. Gradually, though, other parts of his life emerge – compassion, philanthropy, and a painful secret that runs under his gregarious exterior like a deep, hidden scar. This is likely the most captivating, heartfelt documentary overflowing with dick jokes you’ll ever see.

Lewis Bennett
Lewis Bennett, Benjamin Taft, Calum MacLeod
Australian Premiere
Festival Year