The Scribe

Ruth Cullen
| Australia
| 2018
| 70 min

From deep within the engine room of politics comes this beautifully-crafted film on the masterful Australian speechwriter Graham Freudenberg. He has written speeches for Federal and State leaders including Arthur Calwell, Gough Whitlam, Neville Wran, Bob Carr, and Bob Hawke. Advisor, confidant, master crafter, and repository, Freudenberg’s influence extends way beyond speech writing. He played an essential part in the formation of policies that redefined Australia, and his powers of expression continue to inspire. The Scribe interrogates the symbiotic relationship between the speechwriter and the orator, and examines the changing language of the political environment, from the introduction of TV to the arrival of Trump.

Ruth Cullen
Ruth Cullen
Sydney Premiere
Australian Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best Australian Documentary
Festival Year