The Soldier

Sascha Ettinger Epstein, Ian Darling
| Australia
| 2012
| 35 min

Piously devoted to The Salvation Army since 1949, Ken currently serves as the receptionist at the Salvo’s youth refuge, Oasis, where his old-world philosophy of hard labour and abstinence clashes dramatically with the daily reality of the centre’s wayward teens. Transferred from suburbia to the Kings Cross corps as a chaste young man, he has circulated in Sydney’s wildest locale for most of his adult life; brushing uniformed shoulders with the drug addicts, prostitutes, and transvestites that make the area notorious. These days Ken’s march is more of a shuffle, but his dedication to the cause is as fiery as ever.

Sascha Ettinger Epstein, Ian Darling
Ian Darling, Sascha Ettinger Epstein
Australian Premiere
Australian Competition
Festival Year