The Storm Makers

Guillaume Suon
| Cambodia, France
| 2014
| 66 min

“I target the poorest ones. These people are easy to lure and recruit. Most can’t read, they have nothing to lose.” These are the words spoken by one of the many people traffickers known locally as ‘Mey Kechol’ – ‘Storm Makers’. With parents crippled by poverty and unable to support themselves, the storm makers seduce with tales of a better life for their children. Yet the reality is that thousands of Cambodians, mostly women, have been trafficked across South East Asia. Filmmaker Guillaume Suon focuses on Aya, who was trafficked and has recently returned home with her young son. This patient, cinematic film captures a country still haunted by its past, revealing invisible scars that remain long after the wounds have healed.

Guillaume Suon
Rithy Panh, Julien Roumy
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year