The Triangle Wars

Rosie Jones
| Australia
| 2011
| 90 min

The Triangle Wars is the inspirational story of a battle being waged between local government, big business and the community over the development of a ‘mega mall’ on a tiny sliver of crown land on the foreshore of St Kilda. The film tells the story through three men at the heart of the conflict; an eccentric politician, a celebrity photographer and a high-powered property developer. Filmed over three years, The Triangle Wars captures the nitty gritty of how power, corruption, compromise, and democratic values play out. The Triangle Wars is, as director Rosie Jones puts it, tragic, funny and it reaches into the heart of what it means to live in a community.

Rosie Jones
Lizzette Atkins, Peter George
Sydney Premiere
Australian Competition
Antenna Award Winner
Best Australian Documentary
Festival Year