Twilight of a Life

Sylvain Biegeleisen
| Israel, Belgium
| 2015
| 70 min

“Not about death. Don’t people see enough of that on TV? Are you crazy? We should talk about life!” This is the strong response filmmaker Sylvain Biegeleisen receives from his 95 year old mother when he tells her he plans to make a film about the two of them. A film about life and death. Because although now bed-bound, Biegeleisen’s mother still has life in her; drinking, smoking, laughing, and singing. This living elegy to the filmmaker’s mother is a joyous, sweet film about the unspoken contract of life. In Biegeleisen’s mother’s own words: “It’ll touch everyone.” And she’s not wrong.

Sylvain Biegeleisen
Sylvain Biegeleisen, Gergory Zalcman, Alain Knol
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year