Women with Cows

Peter Gerdehag, Tell Aulin
| Sweden
| 2011
| 93 min

Women with Cows is a twisted Grey Gardens set on a crumbling Swedish farm. Stubborn, 70-something year-old Britt Georgsson has spent a lifetime milking and is devoted to her cows. Her sister Inger couldn’t wait to escape the bovine torture – she married and left the farm but is now begrudgingly drawn back to help. Despite being literally doubled over by a badly healed back injury, Britt soldiers on, but the government steps in and it is Inger who must decide on her loyalties. Beautifully and respectfully shot, this intimate fly-on-the-wall documentary is a touching reminder of the importance of family, compromise and compassion.

Peter Gerdehag, Tell Aulin
Lasse Rengfelt, Malcolm Dixelius, Tell Aulin
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year