Festival & Artistic Director
David Rokach


Industry Programs Producer
Melanie Horkan


Marketing & Communication
Paris Pompor


Marketing & Communication Assistant
Poppy Manzie-Brewer


Partnerships Coordinator
Reegan Barber


Guests & Industry Relations
Kate Vinen


Program Coordinator
Jack Gibson


Production Coordinator
Sean Marshall


Program Editor
Nick Jarvis

Festival Programmers
David Rokach & Tristan Dearden


Associate Programmers
Melanie Horkan, Andrew Perkin, Rich Welch


Shorts Programmer
Margaret McHugh


Antenna Board
Nassim Arrange, Kate Stewart, Fleur Ramsay, Rich Welch


Festival Ambassadors
Ian Darling & Sandra Gross


Graphic and Web Designer
Michael Chick


Web Developers
Duo Design Dev


Front Cover
Mariana Baldaia


Public Relations
Cardinal Spin & Matt Fraser



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