A Present from the Past

Kawthar Younis
| Egypt
| 2016
| 80 min

A father-daughter trip to Rome to find a lost love with only a three-decade-old address – the premise may sound a little reality TV, but the execution is anything but. Filmmaker Kawthar surprises her father Mokhtar on his 75th birthday with two tickets to Rome to find Patrizia, the Italian woman he loved and left years earlier. Mokhtar’s wife is surprisingly supportive, and so ensues a charming adventure. Armed with the address, a ring Mokhtar had always intended to return and a shaky hidden camera, the guileless and hopeful pair sets off on a delightful trip down memory lane. This paean to filial devotion will warm the very cockles of your heart.

Kawthar Younis
Kawthar Younis
Australian Premiere
Festival Year