Blowin’ Up

Stephanie Wang-Breal
| 2018
| 94 min

Blowin’ Up (a term used to describe a sex worker leaving their pimp) focuses on an experimental court in Queens that helps sex workers leave the profession, instead of criminalising them. With extraordinary access to the inner-workings of the court, Blowin’ Up captures what it feels like to go through this type of criminal proceeding as a female defendant. As the film unfolds, we hear directly from these women and begin to understand the complex scenarios that brought them into the courtroom. Director Stephanie Wang-Breal approaches the vastly misunderstood topic of sex work from a non-judgmental feminist perspective, reminding us that it’s time to put an end to the way we police, criminalise, and vilify sex workers without hearing their stories.

Stephanie Wang-Breal
Carrie Weprin
Australian Premiere
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