Aslaug Holm
| Norway
| 2015
| 102 min

Director Aslaug Holm shares the discoveries of parenthood in this documentary equivalent to Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. Training her camera on her two young sons over eight years, Holm shows an impressive and at times eyebrow-raising restraint, letting the camera reveal all. The stunning cinematography of the Norwegian seasons forms an evocative backdrop as the boys grapple with the milestones and mundanities of childhood. “I used to travel the world capturing important events on film… Now I can see that the whole world lives within this tiny universe.” Holm’s voiceover, and ultimately the film, echoes the lament of any parent, wistfully describing the bittersweet scent of a childhood passing quickly.

Aslaug Holm
Tore Buvarp
Australian Premiere
International Competition
Festival Year