Chasing Trane

John Scheinfeld
| 2017
| 99 min

Chasing Trane is a sweeping biography of the jazz titan and free thinker whose boundary-shattering, otherworldly music continues to influence music fans and artists around the world. Director John Scheinfeld (The U.S. vs. John Lennon) creates a rich and compelling narrative, moving from Coltrane’s roots through his work with Miles Davis, his legendary album A Love Supreme, his addictions, and his spiritual awakenings. Denzel Washington provides the film’s narration, taking on the voice of Coltrane himself. Set against the social, political, and cultural upheaval of the mid-20th century, Chasing Trane brings its subject to life as a multidimensional being, inviting the audience to engage with Coltrane the man as well as Coltrane the visionary.

John Scheinfeld
John Beug, Dave Harding, Scott Pascucci, Spencer Proffer
Sydney Premiere
Festival Year