Kaveh Bakhtiari
| Switzerland, France
| 2013
| 100 min

Stop-Over offers an intimate glimpse of life in limbo for a group of undocumented migrants from Iran. The film opens with the arrival of Mohsen, director Kaveh Bakhtiari’s cousin, in Greece. He finds shelter with Amir, an Iranian who runs an informal boarding house for undocumented migrants. Now begins the long wait for identification papers, contacts, and smugglers who might help them move on to the West. This portrayal of their lives at intense close quarters brings humanity and depth to what we normally encounter only as a statistic or a headline. The result is an immediate, articulate commentary on the dehumanising and stifling effects of this eternal wait.

Kaveh Bakhtiari
Elisabeth Garbar, Heinz Dill, Olivier Charvet, Sophie Germain
International Premiere
International Competition
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