Antenna Documentary Film Festival

Antenna Documentary Film Festival

9-19 feb

John Wilson Selects: Session 1

John Wilson, the brilliant filmmaker and creative genius behind the hit HBO show How To With John Wilson, has captivated audiences with his unique style of essayistic storytelling and observational prowess. With an uncanny ability to find humour and beauty in the everyday, Wilson has transformed the quotidian activities of New York City into captivating narratives that resonate with viewers worldwide.

Several months ago, John Wilson was invited by the prestigious New York City Anthology Film Archives to guest-curate a special series titled ‘John Wilson Selects’, featuring a variety of films that have influenced or inspired him. We are excited to have John Wilson with us in Sydney to present a version
of this series at Antenna.

Mark Lewis | 1999 | 54 min

A film about fate, coexistence, vanity, justice, karma, and forgiveness, ANIMALICIOUS collects six stories of people and the animals that shot them, fell on them, and generally brought mayhem of one sort or another to their lives. Filmed in Kentucky, Missouri, and England, ANIMALICIOUS features a bomb-diving duck, a squirrel that thinks it’s landed on Normandy Beach, a hawk that could easily work for a hair-growth pharmaceutical company, a parakeet, a turkey, a hungry snake, and one tiny dog. With his typically wry humor, director Mark Lewis uncovers the comic and quizzical relationships that exist between people and creatures great and small.

George Kuchar | 1988 | 15 min

Shot in low-light style, Kuchar documents his experiences with various underground filmmakers such as James Broughton and Ken Jacobs, then moves on to the other side of Hollywood lifestyle
to visit Nicholas Cage. Images of crowds and facial close-ups comprise this haunting tape.


Session will be introduced by special guest John Wilson.
Followed by a live Q&A with Animalicious director Mark Lewis.


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